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50 Best Websites 2008

Time has published what they consider to be the 50 best websites in 2008. There are some interesting sites that I didn’t know. And there are more than 50 because they often sneak one or two ‘like’ sites on the page.

If you don’t have time to go through the 50 best, you might like to check the 10 essential sites that we can’t do without. They consider these to be:

Mmmm – I agree with half of those.

Time also lists 10 Social Networking Apps. They include:



Web 2.0 tools – THE list is an extensive listing of Web 2.0 applications and services – nearly 2400 at the time of writing.

You can search by tag – type in your own tag or choose one from the tag cloud. Each tool shows as a logo & you can:

  • Roll your cursor over & you get a short (couple of words) description.
  • Click on the logo & a window drops down with more info & a link to the website.

Enough here to keep you busy for a year.

CommentPress for WordPress

CommentPress is an open source theme for the WordPress blogging engine that allows readers to comment paragraph by paragraph in the margins of a text. It was developed by the Institute for the Future of the Book. Their words:

Annotate, gloss, workshop, debate: with CommentPress you can do all of these things on a finer-grained level, turning a document into a conversation. It can be applied to a fixed document (paper/essay/book etc.) or to a running blog… Over time, we (and hopefully the community) will make improvements and add new features and extensions, all of which will be documented here on this site.

The CommentPress site is presented in “document” mode. If you click through to any of the pages listed in the Table of Contents you’ll see the commenting in action. If you go to the Examples page you can link to some examples of CommentPress in action.

This is something worth watching and trialling.

Read more & download.

History of Technology is a great site where you can find out all sorts of things about all sorts of topics.

I thought you might be interested in some of the facts about the History of Technology:

  1. First freely programmable computer was invented in 1936. Read more
  2. First recorded use of homing pigeons used to send message – the winner of the Olympic Games to the Athenians in 776BC. Read more
  3. Boston civil servant George Carey was thinking about complete television systems and in 1877 he put forward drawings for what he called a selenium camera that would allow people to see by electricity. Read more
  4. First Atlantic telegraph cable completed in 1858 but failed after 26 days due to the voltage being too high. Read more


World statistics at this point in time

The World Clock is a fun little application that lets you seworld-clock.jpge instant stats about the state of the world. For example – births, deaths, traffic accident injuries, infectious diseases, species extinct and more….

The picture at the right was a snapshot in time as I wrote this post.

The developers state that: The figures on this clock are approximations based on past stats and estimates. They are calculated from the beginning of the selected time period until the current time.

I’m worried that the fastest growing activity is in internet access points & oil pumped. However I’m encouraged that there are more bicycles being produced at any given minute than there are computers 🙂

25 Sites We Can’t Live Without

See the TIME list of 50 Best Websites

Of particular interest are the 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without

Check it out & see if you agree. And if you don’t have time to go and look at them all – I’ll check them out & note any of particular interest in following posts. (Yep – that’s right – I need a life!)

And while you’re there you might like to see their 5 Worst Websites