Apologies for my recent absence without explanation. We’ve been mad crazy organising the Learning Technologies conference – which is now over so I can breathe again. I’ll start regular posts forthwith!

In the meantime here are links to the conference content – and a way for you to see some various tools in action. This blog post is a good overview of how collaboration & connection can occur around a conference – and even connect conferences together.

NB: Some of these links will become inactve after a period of time – so apologies if you’ve arrived here after the closure date.

Online Community

Speaker Papers/Slides

Video Streams of sessions

Podcasts of sessions

Replay the live blog

Conference bloggers

Twitter feed: Summize or Twemes

Photos: selection in slideshow or collection at flickr

One response to “Apologies

  1. Thanks for the link and comment.
    You guys did an awesome job – thanks for listening and being so flexible!

    Hope to get to #lt09 in person.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

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