Ask 500 people – polling app

I just discovered Ask 500 People and to try it out I’ve set up a quick poll about cell phones in classrooms. I can’t embed it here so it’s over at the videoconference blog if you want to try it out – sidebar to the right. If you take the poll you’ll then get to see the current results.

It’s easy to set up – you  can have 4 types of questions:

You can choose what your poll looks like – I chose the small version to fit in the sidebar (above right). You can choose your colour from a limited palette.

When you go into your account you can get a variety of information such as:

A map of where responses came from:

You can see a running list of where & when responses came in – as on the right – and an overview of the results:

So go try your own Ask 500 People poll.


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