Search with Tweet Scan

Tweet Scan is a real-time search engine for Twitter.

They index all public messages so you can find the conversations, people, and tweets you want. You can search by keyword or author with results available via email, RSS, and Twhirl.

They say:

Benefits of using Tweet Scan:

  • Get updates via email, rss, or search on their website
  • Use it to find lost or multi-user replies.
  • Scan up to five phrases for daily or weekly delivery
  • No ads (in emails) or spam.
  • Turn it off at any time.

I haven’t used the RSS or email alert, but have used it for one-off searches of topics and authors. Below is the result of a search for the term “tweet scan”

I ran a search on my name for tweets and it came up with the most recent 20. NOTE – it didn’t find me on my actual name – but on my Twitter username.

Try Tweet Scan.

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