DoodleBuzz – A typographic news explorer

DoodleBuzz is a really wild way to get your news headlines! Here’s what they say:

DoodleBuzz was born out of an idea to create an entirely new way of exploring information – one that allows for a kind of “quiet chaos” that gives people the opportunity to explore unthought of paths and connections along their news gathering journey. You may start at Iraq but end up finishing on Britney, whilst taking in The Catholic Church, Global Warming and 50 Cent.

It works like this…..

  1. Type in the topic you want to search for in the news.
  2. ‘Doodle’ a line in the space on the website – this can be a straight line, a curved line or a crazy, chaotic, all-over-the-place messed up line.
  3. DoodleBuzz attaches the news headlines for your topic along that line.

You’ll end up with something like this:

If you want to know more about a topic simply click on it and draw another doodle – you’ll see an excerpt of the story.

If the picture above does your head in – then don’t even go there!!! But if you’re up for a bit of fun with your news the make your own DoodleBuzz.


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