My colleague Dan shared TVersity – he’s been using it for a couple of years. TVersity is a media server where you manage your media files (video, music and photos), so that they can be available to other IP devices on the home network.

Dan gives a good overview of it on his blog and explains how to set it up with Wii.

The software is free to download.

One response to “TVersity

  1. thanks for the plug Carol! I love TVersity, and support the work these guys have done on so many levels.

    I think its greatest asset for me is that it can subscribe to video and audio RSS of my favorite podcasts, and creates a “channel” around that media generally playable on your home entertainment system. Instead of sitting down to reruns of 1970s TV, I can watch and listen to current events and great minds in education, as well as things for enjoyment and entertainment.

    Since the media is on-demand, generally commercial free, and often interactive in that it tends to be “short” and easy to skip around in – I find I’m more engaged than just “sitting there.”

    I hope you enjoy it as well!

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