Now I’m a Twitt who Plurks!

After much debate & exchange of 140 character Twitter thoughts, a number of people started using Plurk during the dark days of the Twitter ‘whale fail’ page – which was becoming much too frequent.

I’ve been plurking for a few weeks now. It’s an interesting application – along the same lines as Twitter – 140 characters to have your say. There are a few things I like & a few I don’t…

I like the fact that you can have a thread of comments under a plurk – although this can do your head in if they get too long – and they can! Above is a shot of the plurk screen with a comment box open.

I like the way it tells me how many unread plurks I have & I can just click on ‘read’ to get to them.

I like that I can just type a YouTube URL & it will embed the video right there in the plurk. Here’s a shot of the plurk screen with a video opened.

I’m not sure on the layout – at first I thought it was a bit visually confusing – but I’m used to it now.

I don’t think I like the karma aspect (one gets more karma for more plurks, introducing friends etc).

It seems to lead to an endless stream of meaningless plurks about karma when you first start – just to get your karma up! And if for very good reason you don’t plurk for a few days your karma takes a dive.

So for the moment I’m plurking – while still Tweeting – but I’m not sure how much longer I can maintain the two. I have a few ‘new’ friends on Plurk who aren’t on Twitter – so what to do? Stay tuned…. and in the meantime plurk me.

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