Using Miro to download videos

I’ve written about Miro previously, but a query on a listserv prompted me to write again & explain how to download videos onto your hard drive – in case you haven’t worked it out yourself.

Recap – Miro is a free app that let’s you download videos from YouTube, Google, Blip, Yahoo etc etc. It’s like iTunes for video. Read more about Miro.

If you leave Miro as it arrives, it will automatically download videos into itself. You can change this & have them saved onto your hard drive.

  1. Go to Miro preferences (in the drop down menu).
  2. Click on the Download tab.
  3. At ‘Store downloads in this folder’ click the ‘Change’ button.
  4. Set your download file to one on your hard drive.

Bingo – use Miro to search for the video you want on YouTube etc & download it. It’ll be in the very folder you chose & you can now play it anytime offline or add it in the usual way into PowerPoint or Keynote etc.

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