I thought I’d written about TokBox – but alas I see only wrote a draft sometime last year. And it has evolved since then – now out of beta.

Tokbox is a free service that lets you talk with your friends over live video. You sign up and you’re given a link. When you want to talk with anyone, just give them the link – they click and you chat. When you click the ‘Make a video’ tab Tokbox asks to access your camera & microphone.

I haven’t used the live video, I’ve sent video emails. This is an easy process you click ‘Video Mail’ (left column) & the recording box pops up. Type in email/s you want to send to, record & press send. You can add a text message if you want.

The receiver gets an email message – XXX sent you a video mail. To view your video mail, follow this link. And it includes a very unflattering screen shot of you with your mouth in an odd position!!!

Try it out & send one to yourself. I’d share mine – but I didn’t brush my hair this morning ;->

You can also hold a conference video chat – you’re given a URL to send to participants. I’m not sure how many can be involved but the icon shows 4 so maybe that’s it. I haven’t tried this feature either.

You can put your TokBox on your social network profile, blog, or personal webpage. Anyone can come to your page and see a “Push to Talk” button. They click it and connect to you in real time using live video and audio.

Go to TokBox front page & you can watch a short video.

If you work in education, you’ll be interested in this post from Danny Maas about how you could use TokBox with students.


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