Podcast your blog – text to speech service

Text to speech programs have been around for ages, but they’re generally quite ‘robotic’ sounding & they never quite get the pronunciation of those difficult words right.

Odiogo is a free online service that has the best quality I’ve found to date. You just enter your blog URL, get a piece of code & add it to your blog. I’ve just set it up in the top right of the sidebar.

If you click through you have the option of signing up for a feed, or you can just listen to the posts there on the page.

2 responses to “Podcast your blog – text to speech service

  1. Hi, you should also take a look at the http://www.audiofeedcreator.com and the http://www.vocalfruits.com. Both powered by ReadSpeaker. Also free of charge. We are just now making some realy big improvements on the VocalFruits platform to make a better user interface and add support for more languages.

    Niclas Bergstrom
    CEO, VoiceCorp
    Founder of ReadSpeaker

  2. There are some other free services as well that can do this. For example the http://www.audiofeedcreator.com and the http://www.vocalfruits.com services. We are currently working on a major upgrade on the VocalFruits service. There will be some new neat features as well as support for some more languages. Stay tuned on http://blog.rspeak.com

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