Twitter Tools

You may know about my growing relationship with Twitter – see previous posts here & here.

Not only am I now a Twitter addict, but I’ve started using Twitter add-ons! Here’s an overview of the ones I know something about.

TwitBin is an extension for Firefox that allows you to send and receive messages via twitter in your Firefox browser. It’s a quick download that shows as an icon in the top bar of Firefox. When you click the icon a window opens on the left-hand side of your browser & you can post a Tweet without leaving the site you’re on. I’m using this one & like it – great if you want to post a link.

twhirl is a desktop twitter client, based on the Adobe AIR platform. It allows you to post short 140-character updates about what you are doing, as well as following your twitter friends and read all their updates, replies anyone sends to you, and direct messages to your account. You can also answer to another user by replying or sending him/her a private direct message.

twhirl has a lot of other features, for example looking up other user’s profiles, searching public tweets (powered by terraminds)

The latest version added support to post your updates to two other services, Pownce and Jaiku.

I’m not using this one – but some of my Twitter buddies are & seem to like it.

Summize allows you to search for keywords amongst tweets. You can just type in a word & hit ‘search’ or you can do an advanced search that allows you to:

Find tweets based on…
Words All of these words
This exact phrase
Any of these words
None of these words
This hashtag
People From this person
To this person
Referencing this person
Places Near this place
Within this distance
Dates Since this date
Until this date
Attitudes With positive attitude 🙂
With negative attitude 😦
Asking a question ?
Other Containing link
Results per page

For an overview of a whole lot of twitter tools see this article and more at this article.

2 responses to “Twitter Tools

  1. I’d just like to add another twitter app to the mix. Check out feedalizr (, it’s also an Adobe Air app. Has full Twitter client support and great filtering when your Twitter stream gets too noisy.

  2. Thanks for that leezl – looks like a neat app. I did a bit of searching & here’s a blog post about it:

    Might be time to do a twitter tools update there are so many new ones since this post!

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