Giving avatars real bodies & creating “mind-controlled” tech toys

Let’s start the year with a wild one!!!

This is from Robot World News on 14 December:

Scientists have developed an interface between reality and virtual reality in which, in a sense, virtual reality can control reality…the researchers used a dog-type software robot called “Rity” in their experiments. Rity has 5 facial expressions and can perform 77 behaviors. However, Rity is stuck inside a computer…

If you’d like to read the details go to the article.

In another article on the same day, they report on SEGA TOYS and NEUROSKY teaming to create “mind-controlled” tech toys. The two are joining forces to take ‘play’ to the next level by pioneering toys which allow players to use brainwaves and other bio-signals to control them. Read the article.

Be warned – the robots are coming!

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