Facebook: Quantity or Quality?

I don’t know if I’ve admitted before that I’m a Facebook addict (for most of this year!). I started out thinking it was a silly place where people threw sheep, played vampires & ‘poked’ each other. After a short time I realised it was a great place to keep in contact with my international colleagues and to learn through others’ postings and the many groups in Facebook.

Now I’m facing a new challenge… How many friends is enough & do you accept friend invitations from people you don’t know? It seems the answer is 5000 is enough friends (a limit imposed be Facebook) & you accept invitations from anyone who asks.

Using my baby boomer logic I would only accept friend invitations from people I knew. I’ve now realised that the point of Facebook is to make new friends – duh!!! So I’ve just accepted a friend invitation from someone I don’t know who knows someone I don’t know – go figure!!!

This confession has been prompted by an article in the Guardian about Hugh MacLeod who receives 28 friend invitations a day. (Macleod is the Gaping Void cartoonist & blogger.) Macleod makes a good comment on the friends issue:

“It’s very useful,” he says. “Instead of talking to six people around a coffee table, I’m talking to thousands.”

The article also explores some interesting statistics about corporate use of Facebook eg 27,000 IBM staff are Facebook members. It is increasingly being used informally for linking staff:

“It’s not an official network; it was set up by staff to discuss issues. We’ve had some surprisingly liberal conversations on there, but that’s because people have taken an adult and responsible approach to it.”

I urge you to read this interesting article.

And here’s a little video about Facebook just for fun.

One response to “Facebook: Quantity or Quality?

  1. Hey even i am a great fan of Facebook. I manage to check my facebook a/c on a daily basis until i joined work. All my happy days are over, cause facebook is banned in our office. but i didn’t give up, i read about this concept called MoDazzle through which you can access Facebook on mobile without internet. Just via sms you can poke, read messages, change status etc…… People can’t make me stop using my phone right ?
    Check this, this is for all the facebook lovers….

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