I’m just starting to cope with Twitter (see earlier post) when I find JuiceCaster (via Twitter I might add)!!! This seems to be a cross between Twitter & YouTube on steroids. Their words:

JuiceCaster is a mobile social networking community to connect with friends and meet new people. Express yourself by sharing pictures and videos instantly from your phone! Instantly share your camera phone pictures and videos from anywhere, with anyone you want – send them to your friends’ cell phones, MySpace page, Facebook, blogs, and more, right from your phone.

So it seems you just don’t share your inane actions through words but actually film them – a picture is worth a thousand words! At the time of writing, the demo video on the front page was of a guy being chased by a squirrel. Now I must say this was mildly interesting for someone from Downunder as we don’t have squirrels here & I think the little critters are rather cute. The next one was a guy getting drunk – now we don’t need to see anyone else do that – we’re quite good at that in Oz!

However, it wasn’t earth shattering, global changing stuff. Maybe I just expect too much from life!

It’s the usual free service – sign up, create a profile, create friends etc. I guess I’ll have to give it a try after I get back (if you followed me on Twitter you’d know where I’m going ;->) And I guess I’ll see the same people I see in Twitter, Facebook, Ning, Linked-in etc etc. Oh – guess I’d best learn how to use the video function on that spiffy phone I have – soon I won’t be using it to make calls!!

Go to Juicecaster & sign up.


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