ScribeFire: Blog posting on the run

I downloaded ScribeFire a few months ago and it’s in my top 3 tools – I’ve already written about Miro – haven’t decided what the third is yet đŸ™‚

ScribeFire sits quietly as an icon on the bottom bar of my Firefox until I find something interesting I want to blog about. Rather than opening up the blog & toggling between windows to write, ScribeFire opens a window over the top of Firefox that has all the editing tools you need to write a post. You can add tags, categories & then post directly to your blog or save as a draft – which is what I usually do. I have a couple of blogs & I can choose which of these I want to send the post to.

Some days I find a lot of interesting topics, so I use ScribeFire to draft them into the blogs ready for publishing on a quiet day.

Read more & download.


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