To Twitter or not to Twitter?

I joined Twitter about 6 weeks ago just to see what all the fuss was about. I’d looked at it early on but couldn’t see why I’d want it (still can’t actually).

Anyway, I was updating of all the networks I belong to & went to my Twitter account after a 6 week absence & only 2 posts. I find that 4 people are following me – 4 PEOPLE!!! I’m not even doing anything! Two of these people I know – so they obviously need to get a life – or talk to me more often 🙂

Two followers I don’t know. One is an eLearning student who is ‘Always learning’ – no problems there. The other has a bio that says ‘I’m internet famous’. This person is following 2,086 people on Twitter!!! How & why would you want to follow 2,086 people??? So I tracked him back to Facebook & found out he’s a 28yr old who lists his personal interests as:

Walking down long beaches, picking flowers from garden beds, watching children from behind bushes, drinking the blood from newly slain virgins…

Crikey – I’m staying off long beaches this summer ;->

And now to find out how you can become ‘unfollowed’ on Twitter. (You guessed it – I’m a baby boomer & not quite up to baring all to the world!)

Stay tuned for news on my Twitter followers & whether I eventually get to see a grand use for Twitter in my life.

PS: (later that day) It’s easy to block someone from ‘following’ you. That blood-sucking beach walker is about to be shut out!


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