Vector Magic – fix those blurry images

I found Vector Magic thanks to StumbleUpon. Its URL is at – so I guess it’s being developed by some clever students!

It’s a site that will make your crummy pictures & logos look better. You know the ones – you try to stretch them & they go all fuzzy at the edges. Here’s the ‘official’ explanation:

This site converts bitmap images to vector art – it’s an online auto-tracer.

Just upload your image and we will vectorize it for you.

bitmap to vector conversion

Vector art is useful because it allows you to scale an image without making it blurry or pixelated.

I tried it with a screen shot I’d taken from our website. It was easy to follow the steps & come out with a smooth picture after less than a minute.

You can download the new image in various formats: EPS, SVG & PNG. I don’t know what any of these mean but the site gives you a brief explanation. I tried them all to see what results I could get. I couldn’t read the SVG. The EPS was best. I took it into another program & saved it as a jpeg file. It still went a little fuzzy around the edges when I stretched it REALLY large – but it was a million times better than the original.

You don’t have to sign up for anything – you can just run your picture through & then run away. However, if you want to do this often, you can sign up & keep track of all of your uploaded images, rather than just the most recent ones. This can be useful if you are tracing a lot of images. I presume this service is free – it was certainly free to do the single image.

Go to Vector Magic – I suggest you watch the videos first.


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