Showbeyond: Multimedia slideshow creator

I’ve just found Showbeyond – an online tool for creating multimedia slideshows and an online community. In their own words:

Showbeyond is a multimedia slideshow creator, online publishing platform, and story sharing community. With Showbeyond, you can easily grab your images, then add your sound and text to create multimedia stories. Now you can share your stories with friends or post to blogs and social networking sites!

I’m still playing around with it – but there’s a good overview at Mashable.

You can watch the video Is Your Story in 3D? for an overview of how the system works. (The audio is a bit scratchy!)

PS: (23 Nov) I’ve now had a play with Showbeyond & I found it not all that intuitive. I also had a problem recording sound – it wouldn’t recognise the microphone I usually use for these sorts of things. I posted a comment & to give them their due, they responded to me within 24 hours. However they haven’t given me a solution yet! I’m back to Slideshare and playing with Voicethread.

PPS: (27 Nov) I’ve just had the following reply from Showbeyond:

Thank you so much for the information. Certain Mac model is a little picky on audio recording frequency. We’ll update our recorder program soon to accommodate a wider range of hardware and operating systems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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