Miro: The free open-source video platform

This software is so good I don’t want to share it! It would have to be in my top 3 acquisitions this year 🙂 And it’s FREE!!!!!

Miro is a wonderful piece of open-source that allows you to download & watch free internet video channels. Why I like it so much:

  1. It gives me access to a whole lot of videos I didn’t even know existed.
  2. I can run a keyword search & it goes & finds videos about that topic.
  3. I can download the videos – great boon to me as I’m often wanting to show these in a workshop or presentation. I’m no longer dependent on the whims of an untested internet link.
  4. It was really easy to install & easy to use.
  5. It runs on OS X, Windows & Linux.

It’s a bit like iTunes for videos – except everything is free. So go get it NOW! Oh – and while you’re there – why not make a donation to the fine people who made it – it’s tax deductible.

4 responses to “Miro: The free open-source video platform

  1. Hey Carol,

    Thanks for writing about Miro — coverage in blogs like yours has been a huge factor in our success. We’re pretty much all about word of mouth 🙂

    Feel free to get in touch any time to share any ideas or impressions: [my first name]@pculture.org

    Dean Jansen
    Outreach Director

  2. Hey back Dean

    Miro saved our bacon this week. One of our conference speakers wanted to show a video from YouTube. We had a pretty wobbly wireless connection so it was a bit risky. Luckily I’d told her about Miro & she had downloaded it. Phew!!!

    Love your work.

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