I’m currently mad about widgets. Wikipedia defines a web widget as:

A portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation.

Translation – a fancy little gadget you can put on your website or blog that does neat things!!! The map in the side panel is a widget.

I’m exploring WidgetBox which makes it really easy to make a widget and put it on your website. They have over 23,000 widgets for everything from pets to games to counters and clocks. According to WidgetBox they make blogging better, smarter and easier.

There’s a limit to the widgets I can add to this blog – WordPress provide a free service so we can’t expect them to also host a stack of widgets!! However I have been playing with a few over at the Videoconference blog. Go have a peek at the following I’ve set up there from WidgetBox:

  1. The scroll bar at the top of the posts advertising our Learning Technologies conference.
  2. The counter in the left-hand sidebar that is counting down the days to said conference.
  3. The ‘posts’ feed from this blog in the bottom of the left-hand sidebar.

I’ve achieved the feed by using a blidget (blog widget) that will let you instantly turn your blog into a widget to show it off all over the web! So how about doing me a favour & using my blidget on your blog or website. Get On the Nodes blidget

Make your own blidget


2 responses to “Widgets

  1. Could you insert a widget from Widgetbox at WordPress.com? I tried and didn’t work

    • As I said in the post – WordPress.com limits the widgets you can use. You’d need to be using WordPress.org hosted on your own servers. Edublogs – which I mentioned in the post is a WordPress.org service set up for educators so I can add widgets there.

      I guess we can’t expect too much for free 🙂

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