I’ve just installed Foxy Tunes – a Firefox Add-on. It’s a neat little application that lets you control almost any media player and find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and much more with a click right from your browser.

I listen to music from iTunes all day while I work. I have it on random shuffle so every now & then a song comes on that I either:

  • don’t like & want to skip over (wrong time, wrong mood!)
  • really like & am not sure who the artist is (I have a lot of non-mainstream music!)

With FoxyTunes I don’t need to flip into iTunes to do this – I can just click a button on the bottom of my Firefox browser.

There’s some other neat stuff there that would be of use to real music buffs. For example, you can click a button that will take you to FoxyTunes Planet where it has already done a search on the track you are playing & will give you links to YouTube, LyricWiki, Google, flickr etc. However as I play some obscure music, it gave me some very mixed results for The Hix, which was playing at the time. You can customise this page to show only those widgets you want – so if you’re into music that much – have fun.

It will also insert a ‘Now playing signature’ which I’ll do here.
Now playing: 17 Hippies – Marlene
via FoxyTunes

Go to download site.

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