Horizon Awards: 10 Cool Cutting Edge Technologies

Computerworld has listed their Horizon Award Winners for 2007.

The ones that sparked my interest are:

ElekTek: Using its unique patented fabric technology, ElekTex, Eleksen has
developed a Vista Sideshow module in collaboration with Microsoft Corp. that can be incorporated into computer bags, briefcases, backpacks, fabric keyboards or clothing. Users can see schedules, phone numbers, addresses and recent e-mail messages without having to start up their laptops. Read more

EyePoint: makes it possible for eye-gaze to be used instead of the mouse for tasks such as surfing the Web. Your hands don’t have to leave the keyboard. Read more Go to EyePoint Web site

Ghost: moves the operating system onto the Web, providing users with a Ghost virtual computer – a free PC environment accessible from any browser. Read more. Go to company website

Zink: A new way to print full-color digital images without ink cartridges or ribbons. This totally inkless system uses “Zink paper,” which has embedded dye crystals that become colored when a printhead heats and activates them, using a combination of time and temperature. Read more. Go to company website.

And one from the honourable mentions list:

Sun Microsystems Laboratories’ Project MPK20: Sun’s Virtual Workplace:
A virtual 3-D environment in which remote employees can accomplish work, share documents and meet with colleagues using natural voice communication. Read more.

Read the complete list.

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