25 Sites We Can’t Live Without: My take

As promised – below is an overview of the 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without as listed by TIME. There were a number that I believe are so well known they don’t need any explanation – and others that were very USA specific. So I’ve covered the international and lesser known sites (lesser known to me that is!) and left out anything to do with celebrities or sport :). I’ve used the rank order from the TIME article so you can trace them back to the original article.

Those on the list that go without saying are: amazon.com (1), Citysearch (3), eBay (7) Google (12), YouTube (15) Wikipedia (24), Yahoo (25)

2. I assume most people know & love the BBC – which I can’t live without. I’d like to highlight my personal favourites: Digital Planet podcast & BBC Learning where you can take a free course on anything from a language to maths.

4. Craigslist is free classified ads in every category – organised by locale. Can’t say I was too interested in this one & I found the interface a bit clunky.

5. Del.icio.us – just in case you don’t know it! Keep your favourite bookmarks in one place. This is also a good place to get some profile for your favourite sites & find other sites that like-minded people link to. See my Del.icio.us links.

6. Digg is where you can vote for your favourite article. I’ve never used it much – although I do have a Digg feed in my Netvibes page. Having checked it out again for this piece I decided to add it to the sidebar – but with no success – more work needed!

9. Facebook – I’ve only recently joined & am still trying out some of the features – still not sure what the ‘poke’ is about. Anyway it seems to be the social networking site of choice for those who live in Europe. (The other side of the world seems to like Linked-in.)

11. Flickr – Another one you probably know well for sharing photos. We use it for our conference delegates to post photos & tag (with a given tag) so that anyone can access them.

12. How stuff works – This is a fabulous site full of all sorts of interesting (& weird) information. A couple that took my eye were: How can whale vomit help me retire? How Hiccups Work and How Spontaneous Human Combustion Works

14. The Internet Movie Database – Everything you ever wanted to know about movies is here. It’s free to register & you can search/discuss movies to your heart’s content. (I hardly have time to go to the movies – let alone talk about them – so I don’t think I’ll be hanging out there!!!)

16. Kayak.com – I’m not sure why this was rated above other similar sites. It’s probably good for international flights – wasn’t any good for Australia as it didn’t even pick up our cheapest airline.

17. National Geographic – Another site with a wealth of information about the world presented beautifully.

19. Technorati – As with Digg, I’ve flirted with Technorati but never embraced it wholeheartedly. It does seem to be the blog search tool of choice so I’ve revisited it, claimed this blog & added a Technorati tag.

23 WebMD.com – A very dangerous site for someone suffering the flu as I am at the moment – think I just self-diagnosed myself with a terminal illness!!! Seriously though – a great site with lots of important health information.


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