Surface Computing

Someone asked about surface computing at the conference & I promised to follow it up…..

Wikipedia says:
Microsoft Surface is a forthcoming product from Microsoft which is developed as a software and hardware combination technology that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions, hand gestures, or physical objects… Read more from Wikipedia surface-computing-screen.jpg

Tom Gibbons Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s recently formed Productivity and Extended Consumer Experiences Group says “Surface computing is a completely intuitive and liberating way to interact with digital content. It blurs the lines between the physical and virtual world. By using your hands or placing other unique everyday objects on the surface you can interact with, share and collaborate like you’ve never done before.”

Measuring 22 inches high, 21 inches deep and 42 inches wide, the computer boasts a 30-inch display which Microsoft claim is capable of “recognizing dozens and dozens of touches simultaneously, including fingers, hands, gestures and objects placed on the table, allowing users to share, explore and create experiences together.” It is also able to interact with mobile phones, digital cameras and music players.

View videos of Surface

You might also like to look at this video from TED where Jeff Han shows off a high-resolution multi-touch computer screen that may herald the end of the point-and-click mouse.

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