LearnX Telepresence presentation links

Below are the links I mentioned in my LearnX presentation (plus a few extras). Feel free to share them.

Telepresence on Wikipedia – a definition & lots of ideas.

The ‘reef’ experience – go diving via videoconference. Looks like they’ve moved the video – you can read about it.

LearnTel – we have a number of resources you can download.

LTUG – Learning Technologies User Group – join as an Associate for FREE.

The Polycom Education Page has a lot of good resources including the Content Searchable Database

Learning Technologies Conference – the BEST conference you’ll ever attend on learning technologies. 14-16 November on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Watch a video of Polycom People On Content™ (This is not the one I showed – but is easier to access.)

Sun’s virtual workspace – a video walk through

A video introduction to Second Life

Sean Fitzgerald’s resources on Virtual Worlds and 3D in Online Education

List of educational institutions who have campuses in Second Life

KitKat video on ‘Third World ‘ – just for a laugh

Ohio University Second Life Campus video


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