Gabbly is a great little tool that allows you to ‘chat’ over the top of a website. All you do is add ‘’ in front of any URL.

For example if you type you’ll see a chat box appear on this page. If anyone else was doing the same you’d be able to chat with them. (Yes you do get embedded ads – it is free after all! I don’t promote these advertised sites.)

It should look like this:


We’ve used it as a channel for delegates to chat during a conference. I also find it useful when I’m discussing one of our sites with my web developer. We open gabbly & can chat about changes that need to be made on the site.

You can also open a private chat room – check the Gabbly site for more info.

NB: Gabbly promotes some other sites that I don’t support or recommend at all.


One response to “Gabbly

  1. Sounds interesting. I must check this out, could be suitable for a project I’m currently working on. Thanks!

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