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Bad Hair Day

Phew – life is a bit hectic at the moment & I can’t keep up my blogging for On the Nodes. I hope to return soon.

In the meantime you can keep track and find lots of resources at my other web presences – see the sidebar.

I’ll be posting about free Web 2.0 tools for small business here.


Who’ is a neat little widget you can use to track the number of readers you have and see where your visitors are from. It will also give you a graph of visitors over time so you can find out when you had the most people online? They say:
Once you add our widget code to your pages, it immediately begins working for you. The widget will display the number of people currently browsing your website. This is not a page counter, think of it as a ‘people’ counter. Clicking on the widget brings you to a detailed real time stats pages.
You get three sets of stats. A list of pages people are currently reading:
A graph of visit numbers each day:
A map with dots showing where visitors are from:
It’s simple to install – just copy the code. AND they provide a non-java version – which I’ve installed here. I chose the ‘Who’s Online’ button – you can see it at the bottom of the column to the right.

Find feeds with Page2RSS

Page2RSS is a service that helps you monitor web sites that don’t publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS aggregator.

You simply type the URL & hit the ‘to RSS’ button and Page2RSS will give you a feed for the page. You can add instantly to Google Reader, Bloglines, My Yahoo! and Netvibes.

You can add a button to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar that will create Page2RSS feed for the page you are currently viewing. This is an easy and convenient way for you to create feeds for pages you are surfing. 

A word of warning – I tried it on our LearnTel website and it returned the message: The page doesn’t look like valid HTML page. I wonder if this is because it’s written in cold fusion?

Try Page2RSS

Twitter goes way beyond 140 characters

This is an interesting article from WIRED about the many and varied uses for Twitter – thanks to numerous apps that have been developed. It begins:

Thanks to its open-ended design and a thriving user community, Twitter is fast outgrowing its roots as a simple, easy-to-use messaging service. Enterprising hackers are creating apps for sharing music and videos, to help you quit smoking and lose weight — spontaneously extending the text-based service into one of the web’s most fertile (and least likely) application platforms.

Hardware hackers have set up household appliances to send status alerts over Twitter, like a washing machine that tweets when the spin cycle is through, or a home security system that tweets whenever it senses movement inside the house. Others have incorporated Twitter into their DIY home automation systems. Forgot to turn off the lights? Send a tweet to flip the switch by remote control.

Read the article.

And along the same lines, Search Engine Marketing Group lists 10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses. These range from checking your laundry to wine tasting!

We’ve broken the 6000 mark

While I wasn’t looking, this blog went to over 6000 readers – now more than my long running videoconference blog.

Thanks for being here. I promise to write a little more often than I have in the last month!

Visualise your bookmarks with Favthumbs

If you’re a visual person you’ll like this. Favthumbs is a neat little online app that will visualise your bookmarks. You just enter your account details & it will offer you two visualisations – grid & carousel.

The grid shows a thumbnail of each home page. Part of mine looked like this:


The carousel version allows you to scroll through each thumbnail in a circular manner. Mine looked like this:


Try Favthumbs on your own bookmarks.

50 Best Websites 2008

Time has published what they consider to be the 50 best websites in 2008. There are some interesting sites that I didn’t know. And there are more than 50 because they often sneak one or two ‘like’ sites on the page.

If you don’t have time to go through the 50 best, you might like to check the 10 essential sites that we can’t do without. They consider these to be:

Mmmm – I agree with half of those.

Time also lists 10 Social Networking Apps. They include: